Tuesday, October 18, 2011

timeless beauty never dates

'The Village Beauty'
From the first generation after Manaku and Nainsukh, 1785
Opaque watercolor on paper

The beauty in this picture is lifting her right shoulder very slightly as she
flirtatiously gazes at something behind her. Its almost like she knew she was 
being watched by an appreciator of her timeless fecund beauty, and ripeness.
She could just as well be a girl today, standing on the tram self-consciously aware
of herself, yet probably innocent of her power: timeless feminine beauty.


  1. I love the way you write, every end of the sentence I'm held in suspense pending further

    Voyance sérieuse par telephone

  2. It’s a really great site you have here. Thank you for the effort to be so good for us (even though we don`t deserve it) and keep it up.

  3. Finally, some that has written about this! Does anyone else have any thoughts on this?



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