Saturday, June 4, 2011

The surprise flowerings from my wandering jew cutting


I stole a little cutting of purple wandering jew from a garden in Brisbane, and brought it down to cold old Melbourne. I thought if I just put it in a sunny spot for a week or two in a glass of water, and let it acclimatize to the cold down here, that everything would just work out fine. Well, not only did it work out fine! It sprouted these tiny little beautiful flowers one after another for weeks. They'd only last a few hours, and then another one would come up two days later. I felt like I was being being showered with wandering jew blooms. A friend told me about how when plant is threatened with death it just throws out
as many of its flowers/seeds as it can. 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Happy 85th birthday Marilyn! ♡

She still brings tears to my eyes! When I was a child I thought she was a kind
of Goddess, and ofcourse she was. I was so inspired by her, and cried when
she was found dead in her Hollywood home. I realised all of a sudden that the
world I was living in couldn't accomodate someone as luminous, intelligent, funny
radiant and ofcourse vulnerable as Marilyn. This photo was taken by Cecil Beaton,
in my opinion, the master portrait photographer, amongst other things.


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