Wednesday, September 14, 2011

the beauty of bold colour and resin


I'm very excited to be rediscovering the beauty of resin. It really is such
a delicious material to use, its so generous with its chunkiness and translucent colour, and some of the opacity is so hearty and strong too. Its so much nicer than plastic!
And this isn't even the lovely organic style of Dinosaur designs, its flatter and
probably mass produced, but I am excited about how its giving me a sculptural layering ability.
I can go crazy with the colours. I love the way jewellery is now becoming acceptable as 'big' again.
I got so bored with all that girly-wirly ubiquitous silver charms look...
Woman need to start wearing their power really now..and colour, shape and
boldness is the way in my opinion anyway!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Edward Steichen 'Lotus' and Spirits search for itself

Edward Steichen 'Lotus' 1915

words from Parabola Magazine
“The struggle to know who I am, in truth and in spirit, is the spiritual quest. The movement in myself from the mask to the face, from the personality to the person, from the performing actor to the ruler of the inner chamber, is the spiritual journey,” wrote Ravi Ravindra in our Fall 2004 issue: The Seeker. "

These words remind me of the daily practice of unlayering what we put on the day before to be in the world, and then need to 'deconstruct' on a regular basis to find that deeper inner self again. And even though there is so much resistance, and one has to discipline oneself to do this it, it is the most 
nourishing and deeply restorative practice available, no matter what form it takes (eg Yoga, meditation,
prayer, journal writing etc etc).


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