Sunday, October 9, 2011

Anne Demeulermeester Spring 2012

I still love Anne Demeulemeester. 

Even though there is a darkness in the dencontructed chic of this great Belgian designer, there is a dreaming there too. And lately in my interest in Innana, the Sumerian Goddess of dark and light, this ensemble just makes stopped me in my tracks. Timeless and a classical signature look (this season she showed a lot of chiffons and transparents in amongst the structured unstructures.

Below is my Innana necklace (black/white agate, vintage cut garnet) which I made several months ago.
A friend bought it straight off my bench, I hadn't even snipped off the loose ends.
So I think dark and light is an important archetype at the moment, as we face up to the dark, to allow more light in.


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