Thursday, October 7, 2010

Louise Bourgeois in Venice

 At the Magazzino del SaleWe saw some works which Louise Bourgeois made just before she died at age 98.
I have always been so inspired by the power which quietly is revealed, often in retrospect, when thinking afterwards about you've just seen. Her deep female message, and even the spider has a sense of the intricate lives us women can lead. I didn't realise much she has influenced some picture I have in my psyche about 'a woman's lot'. 
When I was about to start high school and they talked to me about what I like doing and felt I was good at in order to help me work out which subjects to do, they ended up telling my parents that it would be best if I did needlework and cooking.
Louise Bourgeois has healed the wound in me, which thought perhaps I wasn't good enough to think of myself as anything other than a housewife. (which was the subtext of the headmistress' message to my parents I think...)

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