Friday, April 2, 2010

inspirations from Canberra

Paul Cezanne - Rochers pres des grottes au-dessus du Chateau-Noir
The soft eloquence of the colours and the paint strokes made me feel like I was being held in the arms of an angel...
Claude Monet - need I say more! This painting, not very well represented here, brought me to tears. I felt deeply that this was painted from his heart, and that my heart was opened by just standing in front of it. I can't explain why...

A beautiful collection of Jude Rae's paintings were at the Canberra Museum and Gallery, the other dimemsions brought forth with her sparse cool style.
 I took this picture when we came out of the National Portrait Gallery. (which I highly recommend!) It was bucketing down in Canberra. The cab driver told us that they hadn't seen rain like this for four months, maybe 'years'...

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