Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Jean-Paul Goude inspires

I think this photo is by Jean-Paul Goude, I tried to download some of his other images but they all seem to have strict licensing thingo's attached. However, if you feel like checking some of his more esoteric works out, go to 'Hasted Hunt', where they have an excellent collection. Otherwise, you can see a lot of his better known works if you just put his name in google images.
I was reminded about him, when I started to look through the Guy Bourdin images, both of them were around a lot in the seventies and eighties. Jean-Paul is still very active in the advertising world. In my opinion he was the creator of Grace Jones's mystique, with his wild images of her in his book: 'Jungle Fever'. (she was his muse, and mother of a son, Paulo). My dog-eared copy still has an important place on the book shelf.

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