Monday, April 27, 2009

inspiration from a fifties clasp

Above is the clasp that I inherited from my mother, one part of a fabulous necklace she used to wear in the early sixties when we were on vacation. Its full of crystal and big costume pearl drops.
The image at the top is the necklace I made, which is being worn by my mannequin who is called 'Cruella'. (she always looks so good in everything, even though she's so cruel...) She's also wearing a mid nineteenth century cami, probably from a glory box (its in flawless condition, never been worn) a piece from my mother (Sophie van Rood, The Banana Room, Adelaide 1974-1998) vast antique and vintage fashion and costume collection. So the necklace which I have named 'Dusk Devi', is part of my 'Devi' series, which I began showing at the 'Sentience' exhibition. (with Zlatka, the wondrous knitwear artist, at fortyfivedownstairs, in Flinders Lane, Melbourne, March 2008 - part of L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival)

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  1. Love this piece of jewellery.
    Enjoying your blog and your passion for creativity too. x



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