Thursday, April 16, 2009

Art Deco box

Yes, I think this is an appropriate place to start. I inherited a very large collection of costume and design items from my mother. And not only many of the objects from it in life; but I realize more and more that I absorbed everything she gathered and hunted and inherited herself from her rich cultural life, by osmosis and I imagine: DNA. So I'm very very lucky. And I have a big responsibility, not only to my family, but to all interested in, or passionate about beautiful things, to pass on this extraordinary legacy. And that's why I'm inbetween things. I have been making jewellery for years and years. I still love to make jewellery. But I also paint and draw. And I also design and create logos, design styles and images for other people, including my own 'house'.
So here we are. I've finally started this blog, and hope it brings you as much inspiration and creativity as it brings me.

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